Rock Pillars with Huts

I also created a “swinging rope/flag waving animation tool” in Python for this scene. All you have to have is a rope or a flag rigged up to a joint system (up to 7 joints). Then run the script and it’s all animated! You can change the speed, offset, and swing variables for different results.
Here is the python script:

float $speed = .1;
float $offset1 = 0;
float $offset2 = 5;
float $offset3 = 10;
float $offset4 = 15;
float $offset5 = 20;
float $offset6 = 25; 
float $swing = 10;

joint1.rotateY = sin((frame*$speed)+$offset1)*$swing;
joint2.rotateY = sin((frame*$speed)+$offset2)*$swing;
joint3.rotateY = sin((frame*$speed)+$offset3)*$swing;
joint4.rotateY = sin((frame*$speed)+$offset4)*$swing;
joint5.rotateY = sin((frame*$speed)+$offset5)*$swing;
joint6.rotateY = sin((frame*$speed)+$offset6)*$swing;

Maya, ZBrush, Unreal Engine 4, and Photoshop.
Original concept art done by Matthew Rodgers.