I also created a “swinging rope/flag waving animation tool” in Python for this scene. All you have to have is a rope or a flag rigged up to a joint system (up to 7 joints). Then run the script and it’s all animated! You can change the speed, offset, and swing variables for different results.
Here is the python script:

float $speed = .1;
float $offset1 = 0;
float $offset2 = 5;
float $offset3 = 10;
float $offset4 = 15;
float $offset5 = 20;
float $offset6 = 25; 
float $swing = 10;

joint1.rotateY = sin((frame*$speed)+$offset1)*$swing;
joint2.rotateY = sin((frame*$speed)+$offset2)*$swing;
joint3.rotateY = sin((frame*$speed)+$offset3)*$swing;
joint4.rotateY = sin((frame*$speed)+$offset4)*$swing;
joint5.rotateY = sin((frame*$speed)+$offset5)*$swing;
joint6.rotateY = sin((frame*$speed)+$offset6)*$swing;

Maya, ZBrush, Unreal Engine 4, and Photoshop.
Original concept art done by Matthew Rodgers.

Rock Pillars with Huts


I used Maya, ZBrush, Crazy Bump, Photoshop, and the Unreal Engine to create this scene.

With this scene, I wanted to focus on decals. This is my first time getting them to work well. I've learned through this project that decals rely heavily on the lighting to look right (at least with the default decal settings). Another thing that's tough is placing overlapping decals just right, like for example, the small rocks decal and cracks decal, or the number 3 decal and hole-in-the-wall decal. However, I think it turned out nice in the end.

Underground Bunker

This was from an art test I took. I was told to keep it under 10,000 tris, and this is no joke, I landed right on 9,999 tris. Below is the original concept I was given.

Environment Art Test

Here is a piece I did for a Minecraft art test. I used mental ray in Maya to render this out. The concept is entirely mine. I used Mineways (free online program) to extract the world blocks out of the game. The main character, the enemies, the pickaxe, the bow, the arrows, and the minecarts I built from scratch in Maya and extracted the texture files out of the game's java files.

Minecraft - Art Test

Fantascapes - Color Studies

Made this little sucker in about 9 hours. I used Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop, CrazyBump, and Unreal 4.

Diffuse Map

Normal Map

Occlusion Map

Specular Map
Gloss Map
Height Map

Here are some additional rendered images of the texture tiling:

Tileable Texture - Art Test

This was really my second attempt at doing some nicer looking rocks after my rock pillar environment scene. I wasn't completely happy with rocks I had done in the past in ZBrush, so I wanted to primarily focus on making some good looking rocks. Most of my time working on this was in ZBrush. I even used Polypaint in ZBrush to get its diffuse layer. I really only threw it into Maya to fix some UV issues. Overall, I'm happy how this turned out. Next time, I'll probably focus on getting the tri count lower.

Red Rock Formation

Figure Drawings